April 9, 2019

Peasant farmers association welcomes Planting for Export policy

The Peasant Farmers Association of Ghana has welcomed government’s new Planting for Exports and Rural Development policy.

“You know we have said it over and over again that they should listen to the problems or the challenges we face with managing the economy.So if government now comes to realize that there is a need for us to improve the export sector, then for me I think it is the best way to go and it is long overdue” Head of Programmes and Advocacy at the Peasant Farmers Association of Ghana Charles Nyaaba told Citi Business News.

Government will launch the new policy in two weeks’ time. The programme, according to the Agriculture Ministry is to increase the export volumes of six tree crops including rubber, coffee, cashew, coconut and oil palm.

Mr. Nyaaba says government must do well to make the plan succeed.

“We should not be quick to celebrate a luncheon; we should only celebrate when we see the action taking place” he stressed.

He however wants government to extend its new policy of planting for exports and rural development to other agricultural areas.

He is optimistic there are other farm produce that qualify for export with a little push from government.

“It should not only be limited to the areas that they are talking about because we are already producing in other areas and we are not getting the export market so ideally we should also look at how we can improve those sectors” he stated.

Source: citibusinessnews.com

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