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Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) is an Agency of Government of Ghana that promulgate Standards, promotes standardization and undertakes Conformity Assessment activities in the country.  These activities ensures that products or goods and services produced in Ghana, whether for local consumption or for export are safe, reliable and are of good quality.

The GSA is mandated to issue Export Certificates for all high risk commodities. Besides, it is the EU Competent Authority for the inspection of fish and fishery products slated for export to the EU. The GSA also houses the National Enquire Point that assists exporters to get more information on the standard requirements of the exporting countries.

Want more information? Visit: www.gsa.gov.gh.




The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) ensures quality, safety and efficacious & wholesome products in Ghana. FDA uses registrations, inspections, licensing, surveillance and clinical trials activities in conformity with the applicable national ánd international standards. It is the national regulatory body responsible for the regulation of all food(-related) and drugs(-related) products.

The main functions of FDA include:

  • Ensuring adequate and effective standards for food, drugs, cosmetics, household chemicals and medical devices
  • Monitoring through the District Assemblies and any other agency of State compliance
  • Advising the Minister on measures for the protection of consumer’s health
  • Approving the initiation and conduct of clinical trials in Ghana

Want more information? Visit: fdaghana.gov.gh.

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