Does GEPA have any programmes or services to assist exporters, particularly new exporters?

Yes GEPA offers various export programmes and services to assist a wide range of Ghanaian exporters, new to exporting or experienced exporters interested in expanding into new markets. These are:

  • Market access and penetration missions, Contact Promotion Programmes, Trade Fairs and exhibitions, Buyer-Seller meetings and Conferences, Group-marketing schemes etc.
  • Organization of contract production/supply schemes, establishment of Export Production Village Schemes, technical advisory services to facilitate product and market development as well as supply chain management.
  • Provision of Trade information.
  • An Export School that organizes product, market and specialized trade development courses for export companies, trade facilitating agencies and businesses. The Ghana Export School delivers the training in Fundamentals in Export Marketing.  This programme designed to introduce small and medium-sized companies to the basics of exporting. There are also other specializes programmes for other members of the exporter community.