What are some of the Products that do not need permits before been exported?

Art Work of contemporary conception, design and Production:

Paintings, Carvings and Sculptures made of Wood, Fabric, Metal, Stone and Jewelry.

All types of Baskets made of Straw (Bolga)

  • Wicket, Rattan, Palm, Branch Strips, Slat, Bast Fiber, etc. of recent manufacture. Articles made of Straw Raffan, Kenaf, Bamboo, Raffia and Willow.
  • Drums and Musical Instruments, examples:
    Drums, Xylophones, Flutes, Maracas, Castanets (Thumb Bells), Musical Instruments of contemporary production and manufacture.
  • Garments of all types and made from all kinds of material, clearly of contemporary design and fabrication.
  • Footwear – Sandals, Shawls, Leggings, Boots in Leather of other fabrics – contemporary design and production. Leather goods of contemporary production.

Print – Type simulated Kente, and all objects made of it, such as Hand Bags, Purses, Jackets, Anoraks, etc. Woven Kente of recent manufacture in all forms of usage and applications, from neckties through traditional wear outfits. All items of the Royalty and Chiefly regalia. Kente accessories, Kente Strips, KenteStoles, Kente Bags, Kente Head Bands, Kente Earings, Kente Ties and Cummerbands, Kente Garments, KenteFootwear, Kente Caps, Kente Bracelet