What incentives are available for exporters in Ghana?

GEPA in close collaboration with other export-related institutions plays a crusading role in the establishment of incentive schemes for exporters, some of which are as follows:-

  • An Export Proceeds Retention Scheme. This allows exporters to exchange all (i.e. 100%) foreign exchange proceeds from non-traditional exports into cedis at competitive rates negotiated with the exporters’ bankers.
  • A Corporate Tax Rebate which allows any manufacturer or any person engaged in agricultural production, exporting part or all of his production, to claim tax rebate between 40% and 75% of his tax liability.
  • Duty Drawback- This is refund on import duties after the importer re-exports previously importer products- Same-State Drawback. It also a refund of import duties paid on imported raw materials used in the production of finished goods for export- Material Drawback
  • A Bonded Warehousing that allows manufacturers to seek Customs licence to hold imported raw materials intended for manufacturing for export in secured places without payment of duty.
  • Up-front Exemption. This Scheme operates alongside the duty-drawback scheme and allows exporters to enjoy 100% duty exemption on selected imports intended to go into production.