Why should I register with GEPA when I want to export?

GEPA is a statutory body set up by NLCD 396 under the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MOTI) to develop and promote Ghana’s exports. On 7th April 2000, MOTI issued an administrative directive to ALL EXPORTERS to register with GEPA. The objectives of the registration exercise are as follows:-

  • To build a database that will facilitate the collection of up-to-date information on exports and exporters for the provision of appropriate assistance programmes (both national and international) for export companies;
  • The matching of exporters with foreign buyers and other business interests;
  • To monitor the performance of exporters for purposes of export support schemes, awards and selection and recommendation for other enhanced facilities/incentives provided by GEPA and other export-related institutions;
  • To give due regard to recognizable and reliable export companies to be carried in national export drive programmes;
  • To provide the basis for strengthening private sector product associations

The registration is renewable on an annual basis and it constitutes the first step in the system designed to improving the monitoring of Ghana’s.