August 27, 2020

Youth In Export Program Takes Shape

The Youth in Export Programme (YiEP) is an initiative being implemented by Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA) in collaboration with the Youth Employment Agency (YEA). The Program is aimed at attracting the youth into agriculture, as well as encourage them to take up farming as a career through a conscious six (6) month hands-on training provided by seasoned farmer-exporters on the production of selected crops for exports.

Following a two-day orientation session held in June, 2020 for the twenty (20) selected applicants (trainees) , the successful applicants were posted to farmer-exporters in Eastern, Volta and Central Regions in the first week of August,2020 and are currently undergoing the on -farm training .They are specifically being trained on the production of fruits and vegetables including pineapples, papaya, chilies, aubergines and okra  after which they will be offered an acre of land to cultivate under the supervision of their respective trainers.

All trainees are currently learning very fast with so much pleasure and are committed to the successful completion of  the training programme.


As part of monitoring and evaluation activities, GEPA and YEA will regularly visit the trainees and maintain appropriate cooperation with their trainers to ensure a successful implementation of the programme and ultimately assist the trainees to build and manage their own farms.

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